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"If Our Kitchen Table Could Talk"
From One Friend To Another

I hope this book will give you a new path to move forward with your life
1) Forgive yourself
2) Learn to Love yourself
3) Listen to your inner voice
4) Be there for yourself and be your own knight in shining armor
5) Make the choices that will give you the life you want and deserve

Nicole is gone. If I can save just one life or make it better, then I'll know Nicole did not die in vain.

I formed ESB in order to bring awareness and provide education on issues such as domestic violence, school safety, child abuse, teen violence, elder abuse, stalking, net crimes, workplace violence, victims of crime, sexual assault, mental health & wellness, addiction and more. More recently, ESB has expanded to include motivational and leadership speakers. We also offer training and workshops .
An enthusiastic and thought provoking radio program discussing everyday situations: Lifestyle, Awareness, Substance Abuse, Motivation, Friendships, Empowerment, Domestic Violence, Creativity, Sexual Relations, Mental Health, Pet care, Parenthood, Weight Management and more…Join Hosts: DENISE BROWN ~ DANIELLE PIERRE ~ DENISE BALLESTER

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